DAG-Based PoW Consensus

DAG-Based PoW Consensus

Ep 3-3 of Cryptape Vanguard 2020-2022 Blockchain Research Panorama Series


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This lecture is a continuation of [⚠️ modify the link]EP2-1 "Proof of Work is Still Going Strong" and introduces the latest advances in analyzing and designing DAG-based PoW protocols, covering the past three years. Specifically, the most prominent potential advantage of DAG protocols is to break the security-latency tradeoff of chain-based consensus, but its special structure brings many natural disadvantages. Several new designs attempt to exploit the advantage of DAG from two directions and make up for the disadvantages. However, at present, no design has been widely recognized by the academic community.

This talk was delivered by Dr. Ren Zhang, as an episode of the Cryptape Vanguard 2020-2022 Blockchain Research Panorama Series.

Dr. Ren Zhang is the head of Cryptape Vanguard Research team. He received his Ph.D. in 2019 from the COSIC research team, KU Leuven, supervised by Prof. Bart Preneel. He has been a PC member of NDSS and FC since 2021.

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