Embark on a Spore-tacular Adventure with Spore Docs🌟🪐  | Digest #13

Embark on a Spore-tacular Adventure with Spore Docs🌟🪐 | Digest #13


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Network & Code

Spore Documentation Site

The adventure of exploring Spore Protocol 🍄 is now underway! Hop aboard the Spore Protocol Documentation site and discover product introductions, step-by-step tutorials, and developer resources!

🆕 Two tutorials are now available to energize your progress:

  1. Create Your First Spore: walk through the process of creating your very first spore from scratch.

  2. Create a Simple On-Chain Blog: learn how to use the Spore Protocol to build your own on-chain blog.

More than minting memes and building on-chain blogs, Spore is your playground for creativity where inventive sparks are awaited.

Ready to dive deeper and explore various user scenarios? Check out the How-to-Recipes for simplified solutions and Resources, and start to build dApps with Spore SDK!

Spore is open-source and continuously mushrooming 🍄. Your thoughts and input are greatly valued. Doc improvements? New topics? Or code issues? What else would you like to see in Spore? Let us know via Spore's GitHub, or join the HaCKBee community to be heard!

New Ideas from Nervos Talk

A Multi-Chain Composable Dynamic NFT Project

  • Storing NFTs on the target chain in SVG format without the need for third-party storage.

  • Generating unique Synthetic Blockchain Tokens (SBT) by processing the ETH address or public key and converting them into different colors and angles, all priced uniformly at 0.001 ETH or 365 CKB.

    You can find more details and try out its demo. Don't forget to share your valuable feedback and insights on the Nervos Talk.

A PoW-Based Lottery Game

Lotteries are fun! What if incorporating PoW into lottery games and bringing it to the blockchain? The game's main idea comes from a Chinese lottery, Shuangseqiu, which shares similarities with PowerBall. As the prize pool grows, it's expected to attract more participants, enhancing overall engagement. Ensuring a fair and reasonable calculation mechanism is essential for the success of this project, and it can be adjusted by various parameters.

Nervos Community Tidbits

Crypto Insights 💡

October Crypto Developer Report

ONCHFS, an On-chain HTTP File System

Fxhash, a generative art platform, introduces ONCHFS. ONCHFS is a permissionless file system where data is entirely stored on-chain. It also offers a more user-friendly experience for generative artists.

Crafting Linux 6.1.14-rv32ima with Scratch

The link.

Understand Lightning Network’s Replacement Cycling Attack Through Illustration

Future of AI ✖️ Web3

Traveling in El Salvador, the Land of Bitcoin

Top Reads on Blockchain 📖

Why Async Rust?

This article is a response to the fiery discussion on Hacker News concerning Rust's asynchronous syntax design. The debate centers on whether Rust has made the right choice with this async approach, or if it should explore alternatives like 'stackful' or 'green threads'. By reviewing the design philosophy and development history of async in Rust, the article clarifies how the design decisions, particularly those related to async/await, have been influenced.

Storage Proofs: Achieving State Awareness Across Time and Chains

On blockchains like Ethereum, smart contracts encounter limitations when attempting to access state data beyond a 256-block window. These challenges become even more complex in multi-chain ecosystems, where verifying data retrieval across various execution layers is a formidable task. Storage proofs have now emerged as a promising frontier, offering smart contracts a form of awareness and memory. This article outlines existing solutions to these challenges of storage proofs in multi-chain ecosystems, all while exploring potential future applications.

Double Happiness

This article presents a thought-provoking analysis of the future of cryptocurrencies and the influence of AI on financial markets. The author explores the intersection of AI and crypto, foreseeing upcoming bull markets driven by increased fiat liquidity and the commercialization of AI. Given the historical role of technology in crypto bull markets, the fusion of fiat liquidity and AI technology promises to bring 'double happiness' to investors. As an example, Filecoin, a large-scale data storage project, stands to benefit due to data's critical role in the AI market.

Hayes’ speech "Double Happiness" at TOKEN2049 Singapore, 2023

The Techno-Optimist Manifesto

This manifesto argues that people should embrace technology for its remarkable potential to drive progress and enhance human life. The prevailing belief that technology poses a significant threat to humanity is a “lie”. Technology serves as the cornerstone of human civilization, addressing societal challenges. Techno-optimists firmly believe that technology is the main source of growth and that free markets, intelligence, and energy are the driving forces behind prosperity. While acknowledging that technology is not a panacea, the Techno-Optimist Manifesto calls for a shift in mindset to fully embrace the vast possibilities that technology offers.