Exploring Proof-of-Work and Blockchain's Future | Digest #6

Exploring Proof-of-Work and Blockchain's Future | Digest #6


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Nervos is organizing an event called BTC Prague, designed for individuals passionate about Proof-of-Work (PoW) in the blockchain field. The event aims to bring together like-minded individuals to discuss and explore the significance of PoW in the blockchain ecosystem. Attendees can expect interactive talks on PoW, with opportunities for engagement. Additionally, the event offers delicious food and refreshing drinks to keep participants energized. Networking opportunities are also provided to facilitate connections between blockchain enthusiasts and industry experts.

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Blockchain Highlights

This exploration is our pursuit of shaping the future. This report maps the forthcoming five years. For instance, it envisions advanced on-chain search capabilities by 2024 and clear U.S. regulation and tax guidance on crypto assets by 2026. We're shaping our vision of the future, illuminating the path for the evolution of the crypto industry.

The article discusses the impact of content creators on the future of Web3, comparing them to liquidity providers in DeFi. When creators deploy tokenized media on a protocol, they influence its value and functionality. However, unlike in DeFi, content can't be transferred between protocols, which leads to a phenomenon called "Protocol Lock." The piece suggests various alternatives to address these limitations, including public-good protocols and creator-centric middleware, while acknowledging the challenges of achieving consensus and preventing monopolies.

Blockchain can transform passionate audiences into active owners in consumer businesses. The author uses Medallion as a case study, showing how it tightens artists' relationships with fans via blockchain, creating new experiences and economic opportunities. The value is not in the crypto itself, but in how it matches consumer desire with artist need. Future trends include loyalty & membership, multichannel & multimedia, communications, new media, and infrastructure for consumer scale.