From Novice to Expert: Gain Your Spore Knowledge | Digest #12

From Novice to Expert: Gain Your Spore Knowledge | Digest #12


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Network & Code

Hello, Spore Knowledge Cards Repository! 🌟📚📦

The Spore Knowledge Card Collection event has come to a perfect ending!

During this event, a total of 9 captivating GIF cards were released, covering 3 engaging topics including the Prominent Features of Spore, Easily Get Spore/Cluster with UI, and Directly Interaction With Blockchain/Code. Participants who skillfully gathered all 9 cards earned the opportunity to unlock 3 delightful badges, each representing one of the endearing Spore mascots: Rookie Explorer, Demo Adventurer, and Code Ninja.

If you missed the event and are concerned about missing out on these valuable knowledge cards, there's no need to worry – we've got you covered! Here's a Spore Knowledge Card repository where you can find a summary of the event and other related resources for your quick reference!

Are you ready to take the next step into the fascinating world of Spore? These nine cards are your keys to unlock a comprehensive toolkit to enhance your Spore experience. Whether that means developing a hands-on demo on Spore, sharing the incredible potential of Spore with your tech-savvy friends, taking a moment to fill out this survey, or sharing your thoughts on HaCKBee Discord's 🎙chat-forum, every effort contributes to Spore's growth.

Let us hear your voice as we collectively reshape the NFT landscape with Spore Protocol.

Nervos Community Tidbits

Crypto Insights💡

The Influence of Inscriptions on Bitcoin and Miner Profitability

Gasless Mint on Zora: Let the First Minter Cover the Gas?

New NFT Project: Daily Jam

BitVM: A Paradigm of Turing-Complete Bitcoin Contract

Blockchain Top Reads 📖

Mapping the New Internet

This article provides valuable insights into the future of online identity and the role of blockchain in shaping the new internet. Starting from the potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing digital identity and authentication, this article highlights the advantages of blockchain-based identity systems, such as enhanced security, privacy, and transparency. It also explores the concept of soulbound tokens and their role in creating verifiable decentralized social graphs. Despite the huge potential of blockchain-based identity systems, these networks still face the challenges of widespread adoption and scalability.

In Crypto, Apps Need Infrastructure Like Infrastructure Needs Apps

By analyzing the evolving relationship between infrastructure and applications in the crypto space, the author revisits the ongoing debate of 'what drives what.' Crypto wallets, for instance, originally designed for crypto-native users, but subsequently adapted for mainstream users, have the potential to adopt a balanced approach in the emerging “Wallet 3” era. The growth of the crypto ecosystem depends on understanding and addressing consumer needs, while maintaining a balance between ease of use and interoperability.

NFTs Can’t Die

The article argues that NFTs are not just a passing trend, but rather a new way of thinking about ownership and value in the digital age. Their value is rooted in blockchain's capability to record information as “history”, setting it apart from traditional databases that merely capture “snapshots”. While certain NFTs may wane in popularity, their historical significance positions them as captivating digital artifacts for future exploration. This underscores the idea that their value should transcend financial measurement.

Exploring the Design Space for Dynamic NFTs

This summary provides an overview of the development of dynamic NFTs and categorizes the use cases into several sectors: generative art, gaming, identity and reputation systems, metaverse, community brand and engagement. Dynamic NFTs can also be classified into two categories: Passive and Interactive. The success of NFTs has proved that technological innovation alone is insufficient to drive widespread experimentation. What truly propels the existing standards into Builder’s Schelling point in the years ahead is the versatility, robust community engagement, and killing apps.

The Crisis of Legibility

Legibility refers to the ability of visual works or symbols to be read or decoded by a specific group of audience. The rise of digital media has given rise to a crisis of legibility. Memes are often described as 'radioactive cultural products', also as the 'cultural half-life', as they may lose their potency over time. Products like MSCHF Red Boot serve as excellent case studies showing how cultural recognizability can be enhanced within the digital media landscape. Nevertheless, its persistence in the fast-paced digital realm, where “engaging” suggests that we consciously and intentionally attend to the areas we believe deserve it.