Join the Decentralized Revolution | Digest #3

Join the Decentralized Revolution | Digest #3


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Ready to dive into CKB? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Download

  2. Initiate your CKB node

  3. Run!

Your Burning Questions Answered

How is running a node different to mining?

Miners can propose new blocks to the network, which is why they are block-producing nodes (to mine you need an ASIC in the case of CKB), and full nodes are not. full nodes validate transactions and blocks and propagate them to other nodes in the network. I recommend this reading.

How to run a testnet node?

Testnet CKB node:

Blockchain Highlights

How RGB Enables Altcoins on Bitcoin

The Lightning Network is a crucial innovation for Bitcoin, enabling fast and cheap transactions without sacrificing its trustless features. The RGB protocol allows for stablecoin transfers on Lightning. Bitfinex's RGB team has released rgb-lighting, making it possible to start building applications and use cases on RGB and Lightning.

Wave Mint

A "wave mint" is a new minting strategy that invites members of different NFT communities to mint in a series of waves. This approach leverages on-chain data and reputation to select for holders who are well-matched to a project's culture and goals while avoiding common problems with "free" mints, such as gas wars and bots.

Building Psychological Attachment Not Just Ownership Into Web 3

The article highlights the limitations of user interest in crypto projects and suggests that developers should consider the concept of psychological ownership to create a stronger emotional connection with users, resulting in better user retention and sustainable ecosystems.

Network & Code

Thrilled to announce 2023 #Cryptape Doc #Hackathon results.

💐 Top 3 teams are: CKBGPT, Jason, and Toastman.

🎉 Congrats on winning from $10K #CKB prize pool!

Thanks to all participants, your amazing work is a valuable contribution to the #CKB community.

💪 Let's keep building!

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