NodeNation Chronicles:Join the Growing Movement! | Digest #9

NodeNation Chronicles:Join the Growing Movement! | Digest #9


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Network & Code

πŸš€ CKB NodeNation hits 130 nodes! 🌐 The power of decentralization is growing stronger every day.

Let's explore the exciting world of NodeNation and its fantastic benefits!🌟 Here's why it is a game-changer:

🌟 Supercharge Decentralization: Running nodes fuels a decentralized network, amplifying resilience and security. Together, we redefine the future of trust and empowerment.

πŸ”’ Fortify Defenses: Node probing is our secret weapon against potential threats. By actively testing nodes, we identify vulnerabilities, thwart attacks, and reinforce our network's impenetrable armor. Your security is our top priority.

πŸ’‘ Join the Vibrant Community: Embrace the spirit of collaboration and engagement. By running nodes, you become an integral part of the dynamic Nervos CKB ecosystem, shaping its path forward.

🌈 Future-Proofing at Its Finest: Running nodes ensures we're well-prepared for tomorrow's challenges. Embrace growth, scalability, and cutting-edge advancements that drive the evolution of CKB.

⚠️ Don’t see your node on the map? Help us count you in!

πŸ”— Check out our step-by-step guide! Join our Discord community for networking and assistance.

Nervos Community Tidbits

NFTNation NFT Trading Platform Launched

NFTNation is a community-oriented NFT trading platform built on Layer 2 Godwoken.

Nervos Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

Nervos celebrates its 5th anniversary with great excitement and gratitude.

Blockchain Highlights

The State of Web3 perception around the world

Consensys and YouGov conducted a global web3 perception survey in 15 countries to understand public perceptions of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Web3, and the metaverse. The survey revealed that while there is strong awareness of cryptocurrencies, familiarity with web3 is limited. Respondents expressed a desire for more ownership and data privacy on the internet. Regional differences in attitudes towards crypto were observed, with European nations being more skeptical. The survey also highlighted the opportunity for users to adopt a "builders" mindset and leverage web3 solutions for identity, privacy, and monetization. Download the full report for detailed insights.

BIS - Making headway – Results of the 2022 BIS survey on central bank digital currencies and crypto

According to the recent report released by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), by 2030, around 15 retail and 9 wholesale central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) may be in circulation worldwide. Over 90% of central banks collaborate with other stakeholders in the development and implementation of CBDCs. China is leading the way with its digital currency, the Digital Yuan. The United States should embrace this reality and focus on leveraging the advantages it still holds as the issuer of a globally needed currency, emphasizing open, rule-of-law values and relinquishing control and surveillance.

Making DAOs Work

The authors conducted a literature review on DAOs and labor in the web3 work environment. They found that DAO work is diverse and faces challenges such as unstable compensation and navigating a decentralized environment. They identified DAOs as hybrid organizations with competing institutional logics. Historical analogs provided insights into security mechanisms. The research aims to align organizational archetypes, learn from past solutions, and understand the impact of work valuation. Ethnographic interviews will further explore contributors' experiences.