SC2Share: Smart Contract for Secure Car Sharing

SC2Share: Smart Contract for Secure Car Sharing


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This paper presents an efficient solution for the booking and payments functionality of a car sharing system that allows individuals to share their personal, underused cars in a completely decentralized manner, annulling the need of an intermediary. Our solution, named SC2Share, leverages smart contracts and uses them to carry out secure and private car booking and payments. Our experiments on SC2Share on the Ethereum testnet guarantee high security and privacy to its users and confirm that our system is cost-efficient and ready for practical use.

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Akash Madhusudan, Iraklis Symeonidis, Mustafa A. Mustafa, Ren Zhang, Bart Preneel

Published in

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy ICISSP, February 2019


Smart contract

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