🔑 Unlock the Secrets of Spore with a 9-Day Exploration🔑 | Digest #11

🔑 Unlock the Secrets of Spore with a 9-Day Exploration🔑 | Digest #11


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Welcome to a fresh edition of Digest, proudly presented by Cryptape and HaCKBee! HaCKBee's mission is to cultivate a dynamic, thriving CKB developer community that supports exceptional CKB developers. Through a diverse array of activities and resources, HaCKBee is nurturing and strengthening the Nervos ecosystem.

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Now let’s dive into this week’s coverage!

Network & Code

Meme Fest Recap

Applause to the CKB Meme Creation Event held by HaCKBee in late August!

Meme Fest has set sail on an exhilarating blockchain voyage brimming with vibrant creativity. 15 talented individuals have generously contributed their original memes to this digital festival, resulting in over 60 memes. Additionally, 10 members have minted their creations as CKB NFTs using the cutting-edge Spore Protocol. Feel free to drop your meme creations and keep the creative flow going in the meme-mayhem channel.

Looking ahead, we've got some thrilling Spore-related activities lined up for the upcoming weeks (surprise 🎉 - more details below). Time to participate, network, and invite your friends to join, helping HaCKBee hive thrive!

🆕 Spore Cards Collection

🎴🎴🎴9-Day Spore Knowledge Card Collection

📅 Dates: September 21 - September 29 📅

Did you attend Meme Fest by HaCKBee in August? Are you interested in learning how participants can mint their self-crafted memes on the blockchain? The secret ingredient behind this magic is Spore!

But what exactly is Spore? You might not find clear answers through a simple Google search. That's why HaCKBee is excited to introduce you to a 9-Day Card Challenge Card Collection designed to help you grasp the fundamentals of Spore!

Join us for an exciting journey into the realm of Spore magic with this 9-Day Odessey:

🗳️ From Basics to Brilliance: Begin with fundamental concepts, and follow a comprehensive learning map to discover the unique and captivating features of Spore.

🏅Special Identity Group: Engage in easy-to-follow tasks to experience, earn Spore knowledge cards for your prestigious titles, and unlock a new identity group within HaCKBee discord channel.

👨‍💻 Collect and Share: Complete the unique assignment to gather the complete set of Spore cards, and share these captivating Spore cards with your friends.

Nervos Community Tidbits

  • The .bit domain has announced a rebranding and is now known as d.id, offering "DID as a Service." With this rebranding, d.id aims to strengthen its position as a platform that fosters community development and engagement.

  • The CKBFans community has launched ckbdapps.com, featuring an events module for the Nervos ecosystem. This platform allows community members to easily browse and participate in Nervos ecosystem activities.

  • The Infinity Wallet team has put forth a proposal for integration within the Nervos ecosystem through the CKB Community Fund DAO forum. Infinity Wallet is a decentralized, comprehensive wallet ecosystem with integrated Web3 browser capabilities. To facilitate the seamless integration of Infinity Wallet with Nervos and support future updates, the team is seeking $29,000 in funding.

Crypto Insights💡

A Closer Look at Ordinals' Parent-Child Inscription

🤔 ZK Rollups Are Coming To Bitcoin. Here’s All You Need To Know

Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Rollups are coming to Bitcoin, promising to improve its scalability and privacy features. Or, ZK rollups adoption on Bitcoin remains uncertain, especially with the presence of established solutions like Liquid? Dive deeper into this topic for additional insights.

Opinions|Top 5 Properties of Digital Artifacts on Bitcoin

Speech|Understanding Bitcoin from the "Information-World" Perspective

The analogy between "maps" and "territory" highlights the disparities between memes(thoughts, ideas, information) and reality. In the context of Bitcoin, the map is the territory. Bitcoin is the information, starting from the creation of blocks, and gradually and progressively shapes its own reality through ongoing operations, culminating in a consensus ledge. The fact that Bitcoin timechain serves as the most precise historical record firmly establishes Bitcoin's position as the cornerstone of our future.

Original lecture video (in German).

Blockchain Highlights

Onchain > Web3

Drawing inspiration from the Free Software movement of the 90s, this article reflects on the meaning of the term "onchain" in an attempt to break through the negative connotations built by past Web3 and crypto projects. Despite the ambiguity, the author advocates keeping "onchain" as it remains practical and non-abstract. Much like "open-source software," these terms are based on technical architecture; software is either open-source or not, and an object is either on-chain or not.

Looking Ahead: Lightning Payments in 2025

Lightning Network in 2023 is facing challenges tied to the widespread use of custodial wallets, stemming from issues, such as user agency, technical knowledge, and limitations. The author proposes solutions to enhance the Lightning Network user experience, including channel splicing, elevating Lightning Service Providers' role, enabling independent payment receipt, standardizing privacy as a Lightning Network feature, and introducing payment refund periods to support e-commerce. The author further predicts that channel splicing will become a common feature in most Lightning wallets in the near future.

Codex32: A Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme

Codex32, a Shamir secret sharing scheme, is introduced as a new method for manually generating, checksumming, and splitting a BIP32 seed phrase. The author believes that using pen and paper for calculations offers several advantages, such as the ability to create random data transparently with user-defined timeframes for each step. As long as the instructions are written somewhere and securely stored, the process remains compatible. With Codex32, users can create and verify checksums for their data to validate device integrity, split and back up secret values, and recover or initialize a new wallet.