Authenticated and Auditable Data Sharing via Smart Contract

Authenticated and Auditable Data Sharing via Smart Contract


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Our main use case features multiple companies that iteratively optimize on the architectural properties of aircraft components in a decentralized manner. In each optimization step of the so-called multi-disciplinary optimization (MDO) process, sensitive data is exchanged between organizations, and we require auditability and traceability of actions taken to assure compliance with signed legal agreements.

In this paper, we present a distributed protocol that coordinates authenticated and auditable exchanges of files, leveraging a smart contract. The entire life cycle of a file exchange, including file registration, access request and key distribution, is recorded and traceable via the smart contract. Moreover, when one party raises a dispute, the smart contract can be used to identify the dishonest party without compromising the file's confidentiality.

The proposed protocol provides a simple, novel, yet efficient approach to exchange files with support for data access auditability between companies involved in a private consortium with no incentive to share files outside of the protocol. We implemented the protocol in Solidity, deployed it on a private Ethereum blockchain, and validated it within the use case of a decentralized workflow.

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Vincent Reniers, Yuan Gao, Ren Zhang, Paolo Viviani, Akash Madhusudan, Bert Lagaisse, Svetla Nikova, Dimitri Van Landuyt, Riccardo Lombardi, Bart Preneel, Wouter Joosen

Published in

SAC '20: Proceedings of the 35th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, March 2020


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